Jeanne Gies – Vocalist

1.  Crime (Manu Lafer/Jeanne Gies)
Vocal: Jeanne Gies Guitar: Howard Alden CD: Window(da janela)

2. Little Green Apples (Bobby Russel)
Vocal:  Jeanne Gies Guitar:  Helmut Nieberle CD: Tomorrow and Today

3. Raphael (Jeanne Gies) Vocal:  Jeanne Gies
Guitar:  Howard Alden, Jack Wilkins

4. Peri (Gerald Cannon/Jeanne Gies) Vocal: Jeanne Gies Piano: John Hicks Bass: Gerald Cannon Drums: Willie Jones III  Saxophone: Sherman Irby
CD:  Mad About The Boy

5. It Was You (Rob Bargad) Vocal:  Jeanne Gies
Guitar: Don Linke CD: It Was You