Joel Fass – Lyrics / Poem

Joel is a guitarist, composer, song writer and poet.

Joel Fass © 2021 Exemplar (ASCAP)

Verse: My friend, I’ve got a story for you
And is it ever a doozy!
I have fallen in love—fallen so hard
I can hardly speak for being woozy
But for you this story simply can’t be missed
So sit down and brace yourself, it starts with a twist:

A: I love your wife
Didn’t want to fall
But I did, and for life
And to hell with it all!
I love her face
I love her grace
Her eyes, her thighs
Though it’s unwise

B: What we have here? A sticky situation
And I’m way, way beyond my station!
For you and for me, will to be a woeful end
To a tragedy I seemingly have penned?
​And what of her? Will she take that ride?
Or say ‘Sorry, I just can’t cross that ‘‘great divide”’?

C: Life can sometimes take inconvenient turns
But this one burns! Oh, how it burns!
The road I’ll take can only lead to strif
But I love your wife
I love your wife

Joel Fass © 2017 Exemplar (ASCAP)

She left for work one wint’ry day
Stopping off like always at the chapel to pray
Then headed towards her favorite café
To have a bite to eat
When her eyes espied a cage
Which contained a parakeet,
Left on the street to die
‘Oh, my!’
Said the lady who looked after birds

It was freezing cold, nearly 3 below
As she stopped to observe the scene of wo
And she next cried out
‘Lord, how can I just go
As this poor creature lies unattended?
My life would be simply upended!’
Were the simple loving words
Of the lady who looked after birds

So, not thinking, just acting, she took off her coat
And, perhaps by instinct, perhaps by rote
Wrapped it around that frozen cage
Acting on compassion, and wisdom so sage
Held the caged bird in her gloved hand
And moving apace, went to her workplace
Did the lady who looked after birds​

I never believed in heaven, dismissed it as just a big lie
But I just might have to rethink that
For all angels don’t live in the sky

So our heroine took that orphan home
Nursed it back to the bloom of health
And, little by little, cautiously,
Kept adding to her wealth
Taking in many more a winged creature
‘Til the aviary was her home’s main feature
And now each night after the long day
She sleeps soundly, after kneeling to pray
Never waking, even as her newfound friends
Go on chirping happily away

As for me, though it once was a target for mirth
Now I wake up each day noting angels on earth
And I can hardly find the right words to say
No, I could never express in words
How my life was changed forever
By the lady who looked after birds​​