Saul Rubin – Magic Song

Animation, Music and Story by Saul Zebulon Rubin Originally conceived as a puppet show, Magic Song was never performed live. For years I had this story in my head and the music was composed for the project so I created this animation and music while in isolation from March to September 2020. The project started […]

Moaya – Images

images by Moaya -“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” Excerpts from Moaya’s project on instagram pairing his photos with literary works. There are many beautiful photos there. I HAVE CRAWLED DRUNKEN IN ALLEYSCall me a hardhead if you wish. Uncultured, drunken, whatever.The world has shaped me, and I have […]


Saul Rubin – Magic Song Zoe Matthiessen – Illustrations Moaya – Photographer Ellynne Rey – Bird Photos Max Seigel – Photos from the road Martha Bilski – Visual Artist Todd Bashore – Music Production Desk Saul Rubin – Animation / Music Caren Shapiro – Paintings