Jeanne Gies – Vocalist

1.  Crime (Manu Lafer/Jeanne Gies) Vocal: Jeanne Gies Guitar: Howard Alden CD: Window(da janela) 2. Little Green Apples (Bobby Russel) Vocal:  Jeanne Gies Guitar:  Helmut Nieberle CD: Tomorrow and Today 3. Raphael (Jeanne Gies) Vocal:  Jeanne Gies Guitar:  Howard Alden, Jack Wilkins 4. Peri (Gerald Cannon/Jeanne Gies) Vocal: Jeanne Gies Piano: John Hicks Bass: Gerald Cannon […]

Saul Rubin – Magic Song

Animation, Music and Story by Saul Zebulon Rubin Originally conceived as a puppet show, Magic Song was never performed live. For years I had this story in my head and the music was composed for the project so I created this animation and music while in isolation from March to September 2020. The project started […]

Ned Goold – Music

Ned Goold is a tenor saxophonist, composer and guitarist. His recordings are available at: Ned Goold – Tenor Sax, Charles Goold – Drums, Sacha Perry – Piano 2,5 , Albert Goold – Piano 4, Neal Caine – Bass 1, 2,5 Alvin Atkinson – Drums 1, Jamale Davis – Bass 3,4, Stephen Riley – Tenor […]

Peter Furlan Project

We had a blast making our 1st Peter Furlan Project Virtual Ensemble video! “The Ice Committee” Composed/Arranged by Peter Furlan Peter Furlan – tenor sax & soprano sax Vinnie Cutro – trumpet Andrew Beals – alto sax Brad Hubbard – bass clarinet & baritone saxErick Storckman – tromboneNeil Nail Alexander – keyboardsPeter Brendler – bassSaul […]

Zeb’s House

Cobi Narita Ned Goold – Tenor Saxophone, Ameen Saleem – Bass, Victor Lewis – Drums, Saul Rubin – Guitar/Composer The GypsyRoy Hargrove – Flugelhorn, Saul Rubin – Guitar, Billy Reid – Composer Old Mean Jo / DarknessStacy Dillard -Soprano Sax, Ned Goold – Tenor Sax, Jerry Weldon – Tenor Sax, Josh Evans – Trumpet, Frank […]


Saul Rubin – Dream Song Vladimir Katz – Pianist/Composer Jeanne Gies – Vocalist Joel Fass – Music Ned Goold – Music Peter Furlan Project Alex Rubin – Songwriter Max Seigel – Music Jon Roche – Solo Guitar Zeb’s House