Su Terry – Outsider

Jazz, social class, and insecurity by Su Terry Back in the day, on the jazz scene in 1980s New York City, I used to love hearing the alto saxophone player C#. That’s what everyone called him, because his full name was Clarence Sharpe.  Saxman C# was aptly named since his style was angular, lyrical, rough and velvety […]

Joel Fass – Lyrics / Poem

Joel is a guitarist, composer, song writer and poet. I LOVE YOUR WIFE Joel Fass © 2021 Exemplar (ASCAP) Verse: My friend, I’ve got a story for you And is it ever a doozy! I have fallen in love—fallen so hard I can hardly speak for being woozyBut for you this story simply can’t be […]

Moaya – Images

images by Moaya -“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” Excerpts from Moaya’s project on instagram pairing his photos with literary works. There are many beautiful photos there. I HAVE CRAWLED DRUNKEN IN ALLEYSCall me a hardhead if you wish. Uncultured, drunken, whatever.The world has shaped me, and I have […]

Ansel Matthews – A Poem

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Poet Usually things build up within my quiet inner self until its effluence finds an outlet, which for me is usually words and music, though sometimes as in this case, just words. The departure of so many people and things in such a short time, has left so many of us without […]

Jade Synstelien – Words A modern American version of the poem“First They Came” by the German Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller: First they came for (the human beings called savages over and over in our Declaration of Independence) the American IndiansAnd I did not speak outBecause I was not American Indian. Then they came for (the human beings […]