Mission Statement

The Arts have always reflected the human condition as it exits in its time. Since March 2020 we have been dealing with health, social and political issues that are unprecedented in recent history. As creative and performing artists we face a very uncertain future and we need solidarity and support as a community. The pandemic has uncovered so many issues and is tearing the fabric of our society apart. Illness, isolation, family dynamics, unemployment, racism, mental health, misinformation, homelessness and violence are many of the issues people are facing now. As creative people it’s imperative that we share our feelings and experiences for healing, evolution and innovation. Sublimating life’s many issues is what we do as artists. I have created this site to share a collection of music, images and words. It could include projects done during isolation including songs, lyrics and all forms of art. One of my friends built a beautiful desk for his audio gear and another friend starting painting (by numbers) for the first time. Even pictures of culinary creations would be good. Many possibilities. All is vibration.

Many people are streaming live music performances in isolation and that is certainly a current option but I am convinced that a place that shares music, images and words as a collective could be very powerful. A big problem we all have is that it’s become almost impossible to make a living as an artist. The music subscription paradigm is only good for Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google and all the other “entertainment” outlets. These big outlets are making billions from our severely underpaid work. Now many of us are giving it away (even paying) just to be heard and to continue our life’s work. Many are teaching online. This is good for the time being but our entire educational system is in question right now. With no venues presenting live music many of us are taking to the streets, Zoom and Facebook to connect with audiences and each other. All these posts are isolated from each other. We need a peaceful revolution in the arts and like many times in the past, groups of like-minded artists have initiated growth and innovation as a consortium. I do not want to use Facebook for this project. Without our performance spaces available we have lost our socialization that spurs growth organically. We all need support from our peers and I have created this site for musicians, composers, lyricists, visual artists, poets and story tellers from all genres to share our work. Maybe by sharing we can bond and try to start healing. Music like “Alabama” by John Coltrane, “Strange Fruit” by Billy Holiday, “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye, “The Times They are a Changing” by Bob Dylan (and many more) were all important contributions and expressed the Zeitgeist of the time they were written. It’s our time now and we need to get busy doing what we do for the world and for each other.

Site info and rules

I will claim no ownership in regard to the assets contributed. I will make no money from your work. Your publishing and copyrights are up to you. I will not retain any rights or exclusivity to your work. There will be links to your personal sites if you want that option. There will be no financial transactions available on this site. Work will be screened for content and will not allow promotional material of any kind, advertising, porn, hate and material unrelated to the mission statement.

For the time being, the email: peepsvibes@saulrubin.com will be used for all communication. I will have comments on this site turned off to avoid bots. It’s a work in progress.