Su Terry – Outsider

Jazz, social class, and insecurity by Su Terry Back in the day, on the jazz scene in 1980s New York City, I used to love hearing the alto saxophone player C#. That’s what everyone called him, because his full name was Clarence Sharpe.  Saxman C# was aptly named since his style was angular, lyrical, rough and velvety […]

Joel Fass – Lyrics / Poem

Joel is a guitarist, composer, song writer and poet. I LOVE YOUR WIFE Joel Fass © 2021 Exemplar (ASCAP) Verse: My friend, I’ve got a story for you And is it ever a doozy! I have fallen in love—fallen so hard I can hardly speak for being woozyBut for you this story simply can’t be […]

Jeanne Gies – Vocalist

1.  Crime (Manu Lafer/Jeanne Gies) Vocal: Jeanne Gies Guitar: Howard Alden CD: Window(da janela) 2. Little Green Apples (Bobby Russel) Vocal:  Jeanne Gies Guitar:  Helmut Nieberle CD: Tomorrow and Today 3. Raphael (Jeanne Gies) Vocal:  Jeanne Gies Guitar:  Howard Alden, Jack Wilkins 4. Peri (Gerald Cannon/Jeanne Gies) Vocal: Jeanne Gies Piano: John Hicks Bass: Gerald Cannon […]

Saul Rubin – Magic Song

Animation, Music and Story by Saul Zebulon Rubin Originally conceived as a puppet show, Magic Song was never performed live. For years I had this story in my head and the music was composed for the project so I created this animation and music while in isolation from March to September 2020. The project started […]